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b r e a t h e by bbbek b r e a t h e :iconbbbek:bbbek 0 0 stop. stop breathing. by bbbek stop. stop breathing. :iconbbbek:bbbek 0 0 falling away by bbbek falling away :iconbbbek:bbbek 2 0
Sometimes you can't just change, you have to self destruct and start again. This theory, and this alone, is why I try to re-invent myself every day. Today is Sunday and I am inspired. I always felt like Sunday held a certain secret appeal that the other day's could never quite capture. I think the christians were onto something, but for me, it sure as hell doesn't have anything to do with god. It's an atmospheric thing. It's like your bed is hugging onto you tighter than ever and just wants to spend the day laying with you, keeping your secrets. It's like the birds just want to sing to you and only you, a song they've been practising all week. I guess some people feel comforted in believing this special day is some sort of gift from god. Whether you just like laying around or choose to personify it and thank the big guy... a-fucking-men to Sundays. The day sure has it's perks. Yesterday, however, was Saturday and I was too high to remember my daily persona of choice, let alone perfect
:iconbbbek:bbbek 1 2
i never knew what the glimmer in your eyes was...
but i carry it 'round with me all the same.
maybe you'll realise it's missing and track me down.
or maybe you've always known, and i'm stuck with it forever.
you looked so sad when you told me you loved me.
yet you'd smile widely and confess that you felt so alone.
i wonder if it's a burden being so tragically beautiful.
maybe i'm neurotic, but i won't sleep until i know you're okay.
tangled up in sheets you told me to wait for the day we meet again.
told me you'd smile, and we'd know that it's all okay.
"for now we'll lay here", you whispered, head resting on my collarbone.
"and maybe, just maybe you'll teach me how to get through the night."
:iconbbbek:bbbek 1 0
notez sil vous plait --menteur
you glanced down nervously thirteen times when you told me we were over.
i noticed because my eyes were clinging deserately to yours as though they were the last thing i'd ever see.
please note: your well-crafted words are betrayed by the body language of a guilty man.
"liar!" it's screaming, "LIAR!"
the skeletons in my closet keep me awake at night, whispering sweet-nothings and luring me in with their secrets.
you used to climb into my window each night and keep all my nightmares at bay.
you're gone now, and every night i wake up screaming.
please note: you owe me two dollars fifty for the deadlock on my closet door.
we lay on my bed on a wednesday afternoon, fingers intertwined.
"if our lives were a movie, what do you think it'd be like?"
"amazing i guess", you say, without so much as a hand squeeze
a tear runs down my cheek as i nod and turn away.
please note: it's ok -- all i saw in my head was a mise-en-scène of suicide notes, butterfly kisse
:iconbbbek:bbbek 1 0
hi i'm bek by bbbek hi i'm bek :iconbbbek:bbbek 4 3 acceptance by bbbek acceptance :iconbbbek:bbbek 5 0 depression by bbbek depression :iconbbbek:bbbek 35 9 bargaining by bbbek bargaining :iconbbbek:bbbek 1 0 anger by bbbek anger :iconbbbek:bbbek 42 11 denial by bbbek denial :iconbbbek:bbbek 3 0 summer by bbbek summer :iconbbbek:bbbek 4 2
if seeing is believing,
she bounds home from school on her tiptoes and collapses in a sea of sleep.
it's 4pm on a wednesday.
she dreams of a head on collision and being stuck in the passenger seat.
it's "metaphoric", they'd claim.  
"she has a car crash smile, car crash eyes, and a car crash life"
it's ironic how claustophobic you can feel in a vacant lot.
she wakes up each day with a fever and a nightmare sweat,
it's 4am on a thursday.
her heart skips beats faster than the local radio station,
it's morbid that a heart can survive a day once your brain has died.
she can't quite breathe tonight when all of her mistakes are keeping her awake.
it's more than an arms-reach to the inhaler on the dresser.
she's falling like stars and crashing like waves.
it's too late.
:iconbbbek:bbbek 0 0
saturday, part three by bbbek saturday, part three :iconbbbek:bbbek 0 0 saturday, part two by bbbek saturday, part two :iconbbbek:bbbek 0 0


Breathe Me by smeege Breathe Me :iconsmeege:smeege 86 25 Untitled by smeege Untitled :iconsmeege:smeege 675 268
i don't love you
you write too much
  and so i thought
  our poetics were nothing
more than shards of glass
a feature of our tongues
i would often find
  in my poetry, dragonflies
  and your fading photograph
yet here it is
this is your name
  taped    to the back of my head
   i removed it
  yesterday        a piece of my scalp
                        came with it
:iconiloveyouinvisibleink:iloveyouinvisibleink 9 13
the ways we destroy ourselves.
we were silences stretched out,
lingering in the pitter-patter of muffled
heartbeats. we were broken glass
digging into too-fragile lungs, we were
the shaking of the nervous earth beneath
our feet. we were bitter unforgiveness and
the screams of the world around us, we were
empty spaces, we were
everything but beautiful.
happiness is on vacation.
life is a sidewalk, he told me. life is a sidewalk,
and regret and pain and tears are the cracks,
and sometimes, he tells me,
sometimes, you can't fill them.
there's a shatter in the next room, a broken
breath, a shaking in the bones.
we're all broken,
darling, but some of us are empty, some of us
are just dead inside.
and nothing can wake us up anymore.
death is not knocking on my door;
i'm knocking on his.
:iconamertie:Amertie 379 295
Things I can't do at Hogwarts
120 Things I am Not Allowed to do at Hogwarts
Compiled by PsychoDemonFox
1. Calvinball rules are not to be applied to Quidditch.
2. Professor Snape does not like anyone cutting, styling or even touching his hair.
3. I will not set off Dung Bombs in Professor Umbridges’s office.
4. Nor will I release Bludgers in her office.
5. I will not sing the “Manah Manah” song.
6. Nor will I sing the “Banana Phone” song.
7. And I will especially not sing the “Time Warp” song either.
9. I will not sing during class.
10. Or in the halls.
11. On in the common rooms.
12. I will not sing, period.
13. I am not to mock the teachers.
14. Especially when their backs are not turned.
15. I will stop drawing rude pictures of the teachers.
16. I will not ask for Dragon meat at mealtimes.
17. Nor will I ask for Soylent Green.
18. Wizard’s chess is not to be reenacted live.
19. There is no such thing as Pokemon.
20. Or Digimon.
21. I will refrain from asking Harry Potter ho
:iconpsychodemonfox:PsychoDemonFox 61 19
2 cards by popartmonkey 2 cards :iconpopartmonkey:popartmonkey 129 111 Tranquility by THEMIGHTYROXASBEAST Tranquility :iconthemightyroxasbeast:THEMIGHTYROXASBEAST 22 31 freedom by kumiwi freedom :iconkumiwi:kumiwi 406 22
photographs of us.
the first thing i noticed about you was your smile. it pulled me in, and i was a fool for not resisting.
i guess you could say i loved your smile more than i loved you.
we watched a thunderstorm from your porch, leaves and rain falling down, wind howling, thunder roaring.
you said the flashes of lightning were beautiful, and you watched them with your eyes closed.
but i couldn't bring myself to close my eyes, not even for a second.
i was too busy staring at you.
we were standing on a bridge, watching the water run run run beneath us. fireflies danced in the air, playing a game of tag that i could only watch; never join.
your voice broke my thoughts. 'isn't it amazing how humans can link one piece of land to another with bridges like this one?'
i could only nod and wish someone would invent bridges to link people.
bridges that no one would ever knock down.
'love is a lie,' you told me. it was winter, snow falling around us, and i reached for your hand in the cold
:iconamertie:Amertie 352 296
She writes a poem by vampire-zombie She writes a poem :iconvampire-zombie:vampire-zombie 548 40 mosh by sean-tron mosh :iconsean-tron:sean-tron 8,660 1,153 B79 by willow32 B79 :iconwillow32:willow32 511 21 Polaroids by Brandyn-Leah Polaroids :iconbrandyn-leah:Brandyn-Leah 35 5 je reve depuis longtemps by verycre8iv je reve depuis longtemps :iconverycre8iv:verycre8iv 577 275



i trip over everything you say
I'm Bek. I want to fall in love and fall in love with life.

Current Residence: adelaide,
Favourite genre of music: alternative, indie, acoustic, metal, prog,
Favourite style of art: conceptual photography, emotional prose writing,
Operating System: V-V-VISTAAAA
MP3 player of choice: ipod classic,
Skin of choice: people skin, preferably >_> i'm not one for scales.
I'm sick of waking up every morning with chest pains, and trying to pretend they precede you.
It's winter, where the fuck is the rain >.<
  • Listening to: the washing machine,
  • Playing: the fool
  • Drinking: you away :)


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